90 Day Marketing Plan

Every three months, we change positions and strategies depending on the news and market trends.

For Auden Living, the toughest marketing test is now looming: how to continue effective student housing initiatives in an environment where a vaccine has yet to be found, and colleges are still defining the approach to the pandemic.

We adapt, adopt, and implement agile strategies that are fluid and coordinated.

Time Allocation

Auden living will focus on specific segments, constant research, and analysis of each and every university the brand serves.


Auden living will emphasize in realtime optimization. Analyze results and adapt. Deprecate non-working strategies every 15 days.


Auden living will revise budgets, adapt, reduce, and eliminate spending for offline mediums.

Segmentation & Targeting

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4 Target Segments

As we develop a range of scenarios, Q4 will heavily focus on understanding, targeting, and creating campaigns that encompass University segment groups.

E.g., Cornell University

Auden Living will heavily focus on in-person programs to market the inventory.
Clubs & Organizations: There are (1416) at Cornell University; in-depth research will be conducted in all colleges we operate to generate updated database and release ad campaigns.
Cornell Fraternities: (44 Total), continue to use fraternities to run referral promotions. 
Faculty and Staff, Fall 2020: (1,684) Academic Professionals (1,114) Staff (7,485)

Segmentation & Targeting

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Marketing message for the next 90 days.

Living Experience Marketing Message to Focus on the Following


— Helped me adjust to living at ...

— Introduced me to new friends ...

— Provided me with a sense of community ...

— Made it easier to be involved in campus life ...

— Provided me with a safe and secure environment ...

Auden Living Brand Marketing Message to Focus on the Following


— Who we are.

— How we work.

— Life at Auden.

— Our Partnerships.

— Recovery Solutions. 

Auden’s Starting Position

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Open Discussion

Actions to take or revisit if our markets go 100% online.

Range of possible scenarios

Best case (optimistic)
  • Student Housing is 100% back
Momentum case (continue on the current trajectory)
  • We can be agile and continue exploring outcomes
Worst case (pessimistic)
  • Revamp cost structure?
  • Be flexible on leasing terms (6 months)?
  • Transition into multifamily? For how long?
  • Keep vacant, focus on property, and brand improvement?

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This private webpage is intended to be continuously updated and further expand as COVID-19 develops, and solutions to key metrics are found; it serves as a reference for the marketing team to implement and adapt strategies.