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Clean Living Program

Clean and ready for you

We’re committed to giving you peace of mind when you live with us.

Auden CleanLiving Program

Your health and wellbeing have always been our #1 priority which is why Auden Living communities have standardized and improved cleaning procedures to help preserve the best environment for our students and the general community.

The Auden CleanLiving Program will provide each resident with a new and improved set of cleanliness protocols, products and communication tools to navigate living at Auden.

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We understand the cleanliness of our properties is of vital importance, which is why we have chosen to work with leading EPA-approved disinfectant brands in all of our public spaces and properties. Clorox and Lysol are leaders in hygiene, infection prevention, and have been approved to be used against COVID-19 through science-based evidence.

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Count on the Promise to
Put Safety First

Auden Living has joined industry leaders, public health experts, medical leaders, and scientists to develop a series of best practices and guidelines focused on enhancing Student Housing cleaning practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols. We have used guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop new protocols for enhanced cleaning procedures at all Auden Living properties.

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Building on best practices

We are building on our longstanding cleaning standards and strengthening the existing program with guidance developed in response to the pandemic related to deep cleaning, disinfecting, hygiene, and social distancing.

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How we keep our public areas clean

Disinfecting stations will be made available to residents at all Auden Living properties. In addition to sanitizing and cleaning the common areas, hallways, amenity rooms, and offices, our cleaning procedures include a disinfecting of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, tablets, and tables.


Most of the states where Auden Living properties are located require face coverings or masks to be worn in public areas. Free masks are available to guests at the leasing office of each property.

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Public Areas
Disinfecting stations are available throughout all Auden living properties for both residents and guests. High traffic areas and frequently touched objects such as door handles, handrails and tabletops will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

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It is our goal to provide our residents with access to all resources at each Auden property. All amenity rooms and common areas are subject to additional deep cleaning. Stringent cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used to guarantee disinfection of shared equipment. Social distancing markers are used to encourage proper distancing measures.

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Public Bathrooms
Cleaning of public areas around the properties such as public restrooms has increased in frequency with emphasis on deep cleaning of high touch surfaces in all bathrooms.

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Trusted Brands
Auden Living brings together the top industry brands in surface disinfection —Clorox and Lysol protection. By establishing protocols with world-renowned leaders in surface disinfection and hygiene, Auden Living residents and visitors can tour our communities with confidence knowing that we apply deep cleaning by hospital-grade brands.

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Air Filtration
Auden Living upgraded to hospital-grade air filters in public spaces and residential units and we have increased the frequency of air filter replacements. Additionally, we have increased HVAC system cleaning to maximize fresh air exchange.

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Daily Checklist
We have established a daily checklist protocol for our onsite staff and maintenance crew, which encourages and guarantees enhanced hygiene practices and protocols to address every touchpoint.

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The number of guests per elevator is limited per ride, and signage is displayed for maximum occupancy, face coverings, and physical distancing. Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, are positioned at key guest entrances and contact areas. Elevator buttons and high-touch areas are disinfected every hour.

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Sanitizer Stations
Utilizing leading brands such as PURELL®, is guaranteed at our communities. We have made wipes and gels available in most common areas. Touchless sanitizer stations, whenever possible, are positioned at essential entrances and contact areas. In addition, sanitizing stations are being installed at our front desks, elevator banks, and meeting spaces.

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Coffee Break Areas
Within our clubhouses, snack and coffee break areas have been temporarily closed. At this time, the storing of beverages, including coffee and snacks, has discontinued. However, the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of the snack and coffee break areas continues as part of our overall commitment to maintaining the highest cleaning standards.


Due to the New York State Public Health Order, the fitness centers at Auden facilities will be temporarily closed until further notice.

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Stay with confidence

At Auden Living, training our employees on COVID-19 has been part of our program since inception. Our staff is continuously instructed on protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of our residents and guests. In addition, Auden checks employees' temperatures, and any individual with a temperature of 100.0°F or higher will not be allowed entry to the property. Temperatures are never recorded to comply with HIPAA. Back of house signage is prominently displayed for employee self-assessments.

"Safety has always been our top priority, and right now in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, it's our singular customer focus"