Summer break is officially here! After a long academic year of essays, study sessions, group projects and exams, it’s time for a well-deserved break. Summer is the perfect time for college students to explore enriching opportunities that they didn’t have time to pursue during the school year.

While it is important to relax, it is just as important to stay mentally and physical active. How will you spend your summer months off? Here’s a list of ways you can remain engaged and have fun!

  1. Get Creative

    Take this time to do something inventive – learn a new instrument or check out that art class you have been meaning to sign up for. This is the perfect time to get caught up on some fun reading that you put off during the school year. Visit the library to pick up an old favorite or read a new release book. Take a class in painting, photography, drawing, writing, self-defense, or any subject you find intriguing but don’t have time to try during the school year.
  1. Get Some Culture

    Take advantage of student discounts to go see some art at your local museum or book tickets to a concert or music festival. The summer is a great time to enjoy music and art outdoors. Try a walking tour of your city and learn about the secret gems and historical landmarks you may not have appreciated before.
  1. Get Physical

    Consider joining a summer sports league. Most places have community sports teams that play in the summer and can range from competitive baseball to soccer leagues. See what’s in your area and what you can join for the few months you’re free
  1. Get Social & Give Back

    When was the last time you volunteered? With free time ahead, find opportunities to do good in your community. Consider joining a volunteer travel program or apply your skills and education through meaningful, hands-on learning.  Mentoring/tutoring is a great way to give back the education and guidance that you received.  See if there are any students in your town who need help with college essays. Be sure to find a volunteer role that interests you and needs your help. This could include charities, festivals, local non-profits, events and community groups.
  1. Get Entertained

    After an action-packed year of learning, college students need time to destress. Consider scheduling a trip to an amusement park or arrange a picnic with family and friends. Taking time to explore fun activities during summer break is important and critical to avoid burnout. After a summer of relaxation and fun, you will be much more motivated when the fall semester starts!

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