Securing housing for your arrival at university can be a daunting task, especially when you are traveling from a different country. The place you choose to live is an important component of your international learning experience and you want to make a responsible decision. You may be looking for a spacious apartment or perhaps where and with whom you live with is your top priority. Auden Living can help assist you with a seamless transition to student living by addressing some of the pressing questions you may be facing.

  1. Research

    When you are looking at student housing options, it is best to see if your college or university has any recommendations. Oftentimes, your university will have a preferred off-campus living partner that has been selected for its outstanding services. For example, Auden Buffalo is the preferred off-campus living partner of UB athletics. Checking out your universities’ endorsements can save you valuable time and resources during your student housing search.
  1. Location

    When looking for a place to live, one of the most important qualities is proximity to campus. Ensure that your apartment is within a walking distance from campus or that it offers transportation services. Many Auden properties offer a popular shuttle bus service to and from campus.
  1. Documents

    Before applying for student housing, make sure to have your documents in order. These will likely include your passport, visa, income statements and a credit report. Documents are needed to prove that you have the funds to cover your monthly rent.
  1. Tours

    While it may not be possible to visit your apartment choice before your arrival, many student housing providers offer the option for virtual tours. Virtual tours allow you to view your apartment unit, community amenities and go over any questions you may have with the property manager. All Auden Living properties offer virtual tours. This is a great way to see your future apartment from abroad!
  1. Roommates

    If you are hoping to share an apartment with another student, you’ll want to see if your residence offers roommate matching.  Some student housing communities, like Auden Living, provide a free, roommate-matching service to group residents based on common habits, interests and living preferences. This is a great way to meet new people and make instant friends!

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