One of the biggest decisions that you’ll face when moving away for college is where you’ll be living. While it may seem easier to move into university dormitories, there are a lot of pivotal advantages to looking for student housing off campus. 

Innovations in housing features, pricing, and design have led to the emergence of modern, off campus student apartments. These affordable, amenities-rich communities offer a host of benefits that can add unparalleled value to your college experience. Here are six of the top perks you may not have considered that come with off-campus student housing.

  1. Cost

    Living off campus is cheaper than living in the on-campus dorms. When you live on campus, you will be spending money on campus dining or purchasing a university meal plan. If you live off campus, you can cut costs by buying groceries to cook in your kitchen at home. Living off campus means that you will have your own fridge, your own storage space, and your own cooking utensils. Accessibility to free parking, washers and dryers as well as a fitness center will also save you the daily expenses that on-campus residents typically pay.
  1. Freedom

    Dorm living comes with a host of rules that you need to follow. Restrictions regarding overnight guests, parking regulations, curfews and food can limit your routines and lifestyle. Breaking dorm rules can even lead to suspension, expulsion, or removal of certain privileges. Living on your own gives you far more freedom. You can set and follow your own rules and make your own decisions for how you want to live your life.
  1. Pets

    For those who feel they can’t be away from their furry friends, off-campus living is the way to go. While every student apartment is different, many are pet friendly. This is a great option for students who have emotional support pets or just prefer to have animals in the home. Animals are great for promoting responsibility, giving you companionship, and for maintaining mental wellbeing.
  1. Space

    Living in dorms means that you will be sharing common areas with hundreds of other students. Unless you have a single, you will likely be sleeping beside another person each night. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone and many look for private space away from school to relax. Off-campus apartments will provide you with your own bedroom and private space. Many student apartments also come with balconies, private bathrooms, storage areas and walk in closets.
  1. Amenities

    One of the best things about off campus living is having access to all the building amenities! Many apartments provide an in-unit washer/dryer, free WiFi, fitness center, swimming pool, yoga studio, clubhouses, and more. Auden Buffalo, located nearby the University at Buffalo, even has an ice-skating rink!
  1. Roommates

    Dorm mates are often selected randomly by the university but students living off-campus can choose who they want to live with. Some apartment communities, like Auden Living, provide a free, roommate-matching service to group residents based on common habits, interests and living preferences. Living with people you get along with can reduce stress and play a critical role in the quality of your student experience.

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