After a very uncharacteristic school year, most students in college are saying goodbye to their cramped dorm rooms and moving into student apartments nearby campus. Moving somewhere new is a chance for a clean slate and decorating your apartment can be such a fun and exciting experience. It is important to make your new apartment feel cozy and comfortable so that after a long day of classes, you can come home to a space that makes you feel good.

We’ve collected a shortlist of trending room décor ideas. Hopefully, these tips can help you get started somewhere with decorating.

Photo Collage

Gather all of your favorite photo memories from high school graduation, family gatherings and times spent with friends and create a wall montage. Consider purchasing a cork-board to pin these memories to. Add ticket stubs, holiday cards and drawings to create visual variety. Pictures of loved ones are great to decorate your space with as they can remind you of your family and friends during stressful times.


Scented candles are one of the best ways to create ambiance. Play around with different fragrances – lavender, cedar or eucalyptus – to see which one speaks to you. Candles can introduce a warm glow into any space and act as both energizers as well as stress relievers.


Become a plant parent! Plants can add color and life to any room and act as a powerful tool in your design area. Use greenery as a room divider or to add interest into a dull corner. Potted plants can live a long time and can become a focal point of your apartment. Use them on desks or tables as living, breathing decorations.


Lighting is a great way to set the vibe that you are aiming for in your new apartment. Consider stringing fairy lights to add a soft, warm touch to your space. Play with LED lights, salt lamps or dimming lights to redefine the mood of each room.


While your decorations may aim for style, it is important to remain organized. Shelf organizers can be a great way to store out of season clothes, notes, important documents and accessories. Consider using painted crates to add charm and brighten the room. You can label them according to their contents and use colors that harmonize with the furniture and interior design.

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