As the Fall 2021 school semester approaches, many colleges and universities have announced plans to resume in-person classes. Planning for the upcoming school year can be complicated and college students are looking for guidance on how to make the best decisions possible. As students begin to transition to the “new normal” on college campuses, there are many new health and safety issues to consider. To help ease the transition, Auden Living suggests considering the following factors to ensure for a safe and successful semester.


The best way for students to protect themselves from COVID-19 on college campuses is to follow the recommended safety practices. Frequent hand washing, social distancing and face masks are essential behaviors to mitigate the spread of disease-carrying germs. Consider protecting yourself and others with a high quality, multilayered mask that can isolate and filter large particles. We suggest these!

Living Spaces

When deciding where to live next Fall, it is important to develop a safe housing plan. On Campus dorms can be difficult as the living spaces are confined and usually shared. Consider off-campus living options that offer private bedrooms & bathrooms. Apartment features such as in-unit laundry and kitchen areas allow for chores to be done and meals to be prepared without needing to visit communal areas such as dining halls. Ensure that your residence will engage in daily cleaning and disinfectant practices. Check out Auden Living’s Clean Living Program for the best guidance on cleaning procedures for your residence.


Seek out a “buddy” in your apartment complex who can assist you if you become sick and need to isolate. A buddy can help ensure that you are getting basic necessities, including food and household essentials, while quarantining. Confirm that you have the technology to work remotely in case you become sick or need to isolate.


Schedule time to take care of your mental health. Returning to a normal schedule after a year of virtual learning can be stressful. Think about activities that help relieve stress and tension.  This could mean waking up extra early to have time to read and exercise before the day truly begins. Other activities such as writing, meditation and yoga are simple yet effective ways to dimmish anxiety and promote mental wellbeing.

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