Thanks to the COVID pandemic, parties this year have looked very different and the Super Bowl should be no exception. So what can football fans do? Here are a few safe and creative ways to enjoy the game.

  1. Go Virtual

    Turn your watch party into a virtual event this year using Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts! Add a virtual pre-game cook-off event to the invitation and share recipes. Consider adding friends and family to a group text to chat about the game during commercial breaks.
  1. Go Outdoors

    Host or attend an outdoor viewing party where viewers can stay six feet apart. Consider setting up a projector to broadcast the game. If you live in a cold weather zone, distribute blankets or fire up the grill to stay warm!
  1. Decorate

    Set the mood for game day! Wear clothing or decorate your home with your favorite team’s logo or colors. Get into the festive vibe by blowing up some colorful balloons or drawing your own football illustrations to prepare for a thrilling football-themed night. 
  1. Snacks

    Skip the chips, dips, and salsas and focus on foods that don’t encourage people to use their fingers for serving. Consider using individual containers to serve snacks rather than communal bowls or platters. Experiment with creative recipes to make with the people you live with to enjoy while watching the game.
  1. Safety First

    If you choose to host guests for the day, ask everyone to sit six feet apart. Encourage hand washing and remind everyone that masks should always be worn unless eating and drinking. Remember to avoid direct contact such as handshakes or hugs. Communicate your safety expectations to guests in advance so that they can prepare for a safe celebration.

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