If you’re struggling to stay productive and manage stress while you work or learn from home, consider invigorating your home office space to promote liveliness, clarity and productivity throughout the workday.

Here are some tips to make it happen: 

  1. Add Plants or Flowers

    A bit of greenery can brighten any room and ensure that your home office space stays fresh. Plants and flowers can even have an energizing effect on people as they work. Adding some foliage to your space will bring in some color and fresh air. If there isn’t enough floor or desk space for greenery, consider getting a hanging plant.
  1. Add some Natural Light

    Studies have shown that natural light benefits one’s body and productivity. If possible, add some natural light to your work area by setting up your desk beside a window. Natural light can also reduce eye strain and headaches!
  1. Candles and Essential Oils

    Scent has a big role in the design of a well-appointed and functioning workspace. Create a more relaxing atmosphere by stimulating your sense of smell with an aromatic candle or oil diffuser. Using an essential oil diffuser or lighting a candle in the workspace assists in getting settled and focused when working or studying. Essential oils can encourage a positive mood, foster productivity and aid in maintaining focus and mental clarity.
  1. Add a Pop of Color

    One way to ensure that your office space doesn’t become dull is to experiment with vibrant colors. Try adding a bight desk chair or color calendar to your workstation. The colors you choose will affect your mood and influence how you feel. Choose colors that make you feel happy and motivated!
  1. Bring Your Work Outside

    A change of scenery can help you refocus and refresh your body to be at its most productive. If you can work on a laptop or tablet, spend some time working outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air or sunlight from your backyard or at a nearby park. Allowing yourself some time outside can stimulate your senses and allow you to recharge.
  1. Invest in a Great Desk Chair

    Give your office some personal flair by adding a comfortable seat made for you. If you plan to spend several hours a day at your workstation, you will want to find one that is both comfortable and visually soothing. Consider a “ghost chair”, an ultra-chic modern-day design that opens up even the smallest spaces.
  1. Accessorize!

    Enhance your office space with some colorful, personal accessories. A pretty mug for pens and pencils, trendy sticky notes and vibrant pinboards can enliven and energize your work area.
  1. Inspire Yourself

    Consider adding a piece of framed art or poster that motivates you to get your work done. Inspirational quotes or artwork that includes your favorite mantra can stimulate your creative thinking. Powerful visuals will keep you encouraged and motivated throughout your workday.