If you weren’t able to stick to your resolution this year, you can blame 2020, not yourself. Luckily, this year is coming to an end and it looks like next year will be much brighter. We have made substantial progress on the COVID-19 vaccine and we are better equipped to treat the novel coronavirus. The end of the year is a time to consider what changes we would like to make and set goals for the year to come. The new year can be a fresh start for all us and one that we desperately need.

Many times, we find that we set goals for ourselves that are unattainable and a few weeks into the new year, we discard or forget about these new practices and return to our old habits. Below are some ways to help keep the goals we set for ourselves once the new year sets in.

  1. Set Specific Goals

    It’s important to choose realistic, concrete goals that you can set your sights on. Starting small and taking your time to build up confidence will help you feel prepared and ready to progress to the next task.
  1. Create a Plan

    Consider writing down your goal or making a list of things you need to do to achieve that goal. Creating a weekly task list or investing in a planner may help to create a schedule to set aside times for working towards your goal.  
  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

    Share your resolutions, goals and intentions with your family or close friends and discuss your progress with them so they can help keep you on track. Consider enlisting the help of an accountability partner or joining a group that shares your goal.
  1. Measure Your Progress

    Keep track of the progress you are making so that you can see all your hard work paying off. For fitness-specific resolutions, consider investing in something that will track your workouts like a Fitbit or another kind of step tracker. There are also apps available that can you download to your phone that will guide you through meditations, healthy eating, stress management, and so much more. 
  1. Keep a Journal

    Consider writing down your resolutions into a journal where you can keep track of both your successes and struggles. Write down the reasons why you are working toward your goal so that you can refer to them during times when you feel unmotivated. The path towards reaching your goal may not always be straightforward and you may find yourself facing challenges along the way. If you encounter a struggle, don’t view it as a failure but rather as an opportunity to better equip yourself to deal with it in the future.
  1. Celebrate Success

    It’s important to be kind to yourself and celebrate any and all progress along the way. Success is incremental and it’s not just the end goal that matters. Celebrating the journey is just as important!

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